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1.We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a sate-owned corporation dealing exclusively in light industrial goods.


2. We are introducing ourselves as one of the lading exporters of the same line of business.


3. We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as a state corporation specializing in the export of canned goods. 


4. We introduce ourselves as dealers in bicycles and spare parts. We have been in this line for over two decades. 

我们是自行车和零部件的经销商,我们在这一行业已经做了 20 多年了。

5. Our corporation is specialized in handling the export business of textiles.


6. The main products our corporation deals in are electrical appliances.


7. Our company is mainly engaged in agricultural products.


8. We specialize in the export of table-cloths.


9. Our company mainly deals with the export business of silk goods.


10. Our specialization is the exportation of Chinese silk garments.


11. We are engaged in the import and export of machinery.


12. We are now doing a large import business in fruits from Southeast Asia.


13. We specialize in handling clocks and watches of all sorts.


14. We also take on a variety of silk piece goods.


15. Our activities cover a wide range of commodities, such as ties, belts and shirts.


Part II

16. We are in a very good position to supply most grades of canned fish at competitive prices and for good delivery.


17. We are in a position to accept orders against customers samples specifying design, specifications and packaging requirements. 


18. We are not exporting straw and willow products, embroideries,, porcelain wares, jade carvings, antiques, Chinese paintings, silk flowers and various kinds of toys and gifts. 

我们做草柳制品,刺绣制品,陶次瓷,玉雕,古玩,国画,绢花和各种各样的玩具和 礼物的出品业务。

19. Our corporation is a major producer of technically advanced machinery and chemicals for industry and agriculture. 


20. Electronic products fall within the scope of our business activities.


21. We also do export business of hand made woven articles.


22. We have been engaged in the glass business with many Asian countries for many years.


23. Our company is mainly in the line of exporting Chinese art objects to European markets.


24. We also do import and export business in chemicals and agricultural products.


25. We have been importing and exporting all kinds of metals and minerals for 30 years and have many customers and friends in over 80 countries and regions.

26. Our corporation is a group enterprise integrating scientific research, business, production and service. 


27. As a joint venture, our corporation has won a prominent position in the fields of home electronics, computers and telecommunications in China. 

作为一家合资企业,在中国境内,我们公司在家用电器、计算器、电讯等领域处领先 地位。

28. We are prepared to accept orders for goods with customers’ own trade marks or brand names.


29. We have been handling leather shoes and gloves for more than 20 years. 我们经营皮鞋和手套已经有 20 多年了。

30. We have been engaged for two decades in the manufacture of such equipment. 我们从事这类设备的制造已 20 年了。

制作精巧 skillful manufacture

工艺精良 sophisticated technology

最新工艺 latest technology

加工精细 finely processed

设计精巧 deft design

造型新颖 modern design

造型优美 beautiful design

设计合理 professional design

造型富丽华贵 luxuriant in design

结构合理 rational construction

款式新颖 attractive design

款式齐全 various styles

式样优雅 elegant shape

花色入时 fashionable patterns

任君选择 for your selection

五彩缤纷 colorful

色彩艳丽 beautiful in colors

色泽光润 color brilliancy

色泽素雅 delicate colors

瑰丽多彩 pretty and colorful

洁白透明 pure white and translucence

洁白纯正 pure whiteness

品质优良 excellent quality(high quality)

质量上乘 superior quality

质量稳定 stable quality

质量可靠 reliable quality

品种繁多 wide varieties

规格齐全 complete in specifications

保质保量 quality and quantity assured

性能可靠 dependable performance

操作简便 easy and simple to handle

使用方便 easy to use

经久耐用 durable in use

以质优而闻名 well-known for its fine quality

数量之首 The king of quantity

质量最佳 The queen of quality

信誉可靠 reliable reputation

闻名世界 world-wide renowm

久负盛名 to have a long standing reputation

誉满中外 to enjoy high reputation at home and abroad

历史悠久 to have a long history

畅销全球 selling well all over the world

深受欢迎 to win warm praise from customers





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